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Every video we make persuades audiences to respond in a specific way.

We've done this for hundreds of brands with thousands of videos...and yours is next.

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As true partners and creative problem solvers, we ensure each of our services lead to your satisfaction and success. You’re moving a lot of pieces around to bring home a win for your team. You want a video partner who will work just as hard as you do. Better yet, you want a partner who can lead strong, who is reliable, and delivers every time.
We consider ourselves a guide to your video success. You are the hero of this story and your success is our “why.”

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There's plenty of "video" creators out there but there is only one of us. We listen. We care. We think ahead. We're a part of your team, sharing your vision and goals. Pushing the bar, so we all perform.

Better creative. Better results.


It is all in the pre pro! The right plan makes good ideas great. Out of the gate our team of writers, art directors, directors of photography, and producers work closely with you to determine not only the creative vision for your video, but also the most effective way to execute, always keeping a close eye on budget and timing. We strive to create a wholly satisfying experience, from big picture to small particulars. Location scouting, permits, talent, props, insurance—we get out in front of everything before we ever get behind the camera.

The Wall of Ideas
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When it comes time for the cameras to roll, this is where we really shine. The nuance of lighting, the artistry of proper lensing, the purposeful direction of talent. These are the intangibles you might not know to ask for, but that you fully appreciate when you see the end results. We can shoot run and gun, stage a studio cyc, shoot on location or on green screen, cover events, or capture documentary style films. Whatever the creative requires, we have the ability to scale the production as necessary, pulling from our roster of proven partners.


Animation video production, allows you to lay out a perfect story and bring it to life. With animated video production, the possibilities are endless, these videos can help display complex concepts in a simple and straight-forward way. When you need to show specific functionality in your video. We’re able to create realistic 3D models of your product or device by bringing your engineering files to life on video. We can animate, show uses, and add movement to your product. This is perfect for industrial applications or training videos that need to show certain functionality in a very up-close situation.

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Drones provide some of today's most exciting footage. Videos and pictures taken from a birds-eye view are a spectacular way to showcase real estate; promote concerts and festivals. Aerial videography services are a perfect choice for showing the scope of an event, building, forest or other experience. You can say that 10,000 people came to a concert, but seeing them all in one continuous shot truly gives you the scope. On the other end of the spectrum, drone video services can also show the remoteness of deserts, the expanse of crops or even how close tracks of isolation are to the roads we drive on each day. No matter what need you have for drone video productions, we’re here to help you understand the capabilities of this exciting new technology and put it to work best for you. 

You create the vision, and we’ll capture it.


Design meets technology. In today’s world, unique architectural design is fueled by both imagination and technology. We work to produce experiences that ignite the imagination and inspire lasting impressions. Our team has a passion for collaborating with developers and designers to create custom display solutions that transform spaces into unique works of art, delivering sleek, jaw-dropping, cost-effective digital media environments to engage the senses.

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Creative and Reliable

We founded our business with one goal in mind: be the most trusted video agency by brands and businesses. We love this goal because it can only be accomplished through selfless service, consistent quality, and great results. Once you start working with us, you’ll understand the RedStraw difference. Our skilled team will leave no stone unturned until your project is completed to your satisfaction.
We're in this for the long run, because we believe relationships change results.

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